Prestigious Bioscience Journals Expand Reach of BioOne

BioOne (, a new Web-based aggregation of research in the biological, ecological and environmental sciences, today announced the second set of highly-cited, peer-reviewed journals which have decided to participate in the project. BioOne’s launch is slated for 2001.

In addition to the 14 journals that have already signed on to BioOne, 17 journals have announced they plan to include their full texts in BioOne:

American Midland Naturalist (University of Notre Dame)
Annals of the ESA (Entomological Society of America)
The Auk (American Ornithologists’ Union)
The Coleopterists Bulletin (Coleopterists Society)
Conservation Ecology (Resilience Alliance)
Environmental Entomology (Entomological Society of America)
Evolution (Society for the Study of Evolution)
Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery (Association of Avian Veterinarians)
Journal of Economic Entomology (Entomological Society of America)
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology (Society of Protozoologists)
Journal of Mammalogy  (American Society of Mammalogists)
Journal of Medical Entomology (Entomological Society of America)
The Journal of Paleontology (The Paleontological Society)
Mammalian Species (American Society of Mammalogists)
Paleobiology (The Paleontological Society)
Radiation Research (Radiation Research Society)
Systematic Botany (American Society of Plant Taxonomists)

“BioOne’s flexibility, technological capacity and far-reaching vision in favor of an expanded role for society journals convinced us that participating was in our members´ best interest,” said Dr. Susan Orosz, Scientific Editor of the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery.  “The BioOne collaboration creates an intellectual community that is primed to compete with the most sophisticated journal aggregations, and its approach is in line with society values and priorities.”

“Societies´response to BioOne has been extremely positive, and it is clear that BioOne answers a need in both the research and the library communities,” said Heather Joseph, President of BioOne.  “BioOne’s benefits will extend beyond that of traditional journal aggregations, and our commitment to revitalizing scientific communication has struck a deep chord.”

Many of the societies and institutions which will participate in BioOne are looking to its broad distribution among libraries, through Amigos Library Services, to bring their electronic content to a large number of desktops. This relationship will provide BioOne with access to a marketplace of thousands of libraries across North America. Amigos will also provide full customer and user support for the U.S. market. Amigos Library Services is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resource-sharing opportunities and information technology to libraries.

A broad selection of the journals published by many of the American Institute of Biological Sciences´ (AIBS) over 70 member societies will form BioOne´s core offerings. BioOne´s development has been spearheaded by its collaborating organizations, including AIBS, SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), the University of Kansas, the Big 12 Plus Libraries Consortium, and Allen Press. BioOne development has been funded by SPARC and Big 12 Plus member libraries, along with other institutions that are committed to playing a leading role in transforming scientific communications.

About BioOne

BioOne is an innovative nonprofit collaborative and the leading content aggregator in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. More than 150 global scientific societies and nonprofit publishing organizations include their journals in BioOne’s flagship product, BioOne Complete, for the benefit of 3,500 accessing institutions and millions of researchers worldwide. Since 2001, BioOne has returned more than 68 million USD in royalty sharing back to its participants, with a commitment to share research more broadly, equitably, and sustainably.

BioOne Publishing
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