BioOne Supports COUNTER Release 3 and SUSHI Protocol Standard

BioOne is pleased to announce significant upgrades to both our usage reports and librarian administration interface. These enhancements deployed on the Atypon-powered BioOne platform on Thursday, August 27, beginning at 5:00pm EST.

We at BioOne are very pleased to provide our subscriber community with these enhancements.  The BioOne support team is available to answer questions about our continuing support of COUNTER and SUSHI standards. Please feel free to contact Jenny Byrnes, BioOne’s Global Support Specialist, or the BioOne Help Desk, with any questions.

COUNTER Code of Practice for Journals and Databases, Release 3
BioOne now will support COUNTER’s Release 3, the most recent iteration of the universal reporting standard. New reports have been added and existing reports modified to conform to this new release, soon to be available in BioOne’s librarian administration interface. Please download BioOne’s informational guide to learn more about BioOne’s support of Release 3, or visit the COUNTER site for general guidelines.

Retrieval via SUSHI
If your organization operates a SUSHI client, you now will be able to retrieve BioOne reports via the client.  To access BioOne reports via your institution’s SUSHI client, please use the following steps:

  1. Using your institution’s administrator email and password, log on to the BioOne site.
  2. Go to the Usage Data tab of the Institutional Administration Interface.
  3. Retrieve the SUSHI request URL and your requestor ID.
  4. Follow your institution’s instructions for harvesting reports via a SUSHI client.

Thank you for your attention to these upgrades, which we hope provide an improved BioOne experience for you and your colleagues.

About BioOne

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