BioOne Announces 2010 Collections

BioOne is pleased to welcome five new titles and their respective not-for-profit publishers to the 2010 BioOne Collections. These new titles further enhance what has become a leading resource for organismal, ecological, and conservation biology research.

Four titles will join the BioOne.2 collection, while one title will be added to the BioOne.1 collection. Four of the five titles are ISI-ranked, while the fifth is a promising new-start in its third year of publication. Enhancing BioOne’s international profile, two of the publications are based in the United Kingdom and two are based in Poland.  The fifth is US-based with a long and distinguished publishing history.

Due to these additions, in 2010 BioOne will be home to 159 total publications, 111 of which (70%) are ISI-ranked. Furthermore, 70 of BioOne’s titles (44%) have their current content available online exclusively through BioOne’s sophisticated new platform which debuted in January 2009.  BioOne continues to be home to eleven open access publications, freely available to all users and fully integrated with the subscription-based collections.

In recognition of library constraints amidst a troubled economy, BioOne has frozen 2010 pricing at 2009 rates for both collections. For subscription or trial information, please visit the BioOne website. 2010 collection title lists in .pdf and .csv formats are also available for download.

New Titles for 2010
The following titles will make their debut on BioOne in January 2010.

To BioOne.1:
International Forestry Review, published by the Commonwealth Forestry Association

To BioOne.2:
Acta Ornithologica, published by the Museum and Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences
Annales Zoologici, published by the Museum and Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences
Freshwater Reviews, published by the Freshwater Biological Association
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington, published by the Entomological Society of Washington

Title Departures for 2010
Additionally, effective January 2010, the following titles will no longer add current content to BioOne.

From BioOne.1:
Evolution, published by the Society for the Study of Evolution (to Wiley-Blackwell)
Wetlands and the SWS Bulletin, published by the Society of Wetland Scientists (to Springer)

From BioOne.2:
Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, published by the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (to Wiley-Blackwell)
Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, published by the Wilderness Medical Society (to Elsevier)

In accordance with both BioOne standard policy and Project Transfer guidelines, all departing title content currently hosted on BioOne will remain accessible to subscribers in perpetuity. Please refer questions about future volumes directly to these publications’ new respective publishers.

About BioOne

BioOne is an innovative nonprofit collaborative and the leading content aggregator in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. More than 150 global scientific societies and nonprofit publishing organizations include their journals in BioOne’s flagship product, BioOne Complete, for the benefit of 3,500 accessing institutions and millions of researchers worldwide. Since 2001, BioOne has returned more than 68 million USD in royalty sharing back to its participants, with a commitment to share research more broadly, equitably, and sustainably.

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