Announcing the 2021 BioOne Ambassador Award Winners

WASHINGTON, D.C. — BioOne ( is proud to announce the winners of the 2021 BioOne Ambassador Award. These five early-career bioscience researchers successfully advanced through a rigorous competition with their peers. BioOne honors these scholars for their compelling communication of specialized biological research. BioOne Ambassador Award winners demonstrate a commitment to wide, accessible, and public dissemination of scientific research.

BioOne recognizes the following individuals (listed in alphabetical order by publishing society) for their clarity and creativity. Effective communication is fundamental to growing science literacy and ensuring access to scientific information for policy makers, citizen scientists, the interested public, and beyond.

Dr. Ana González
“We can change the world by wisely choosing to drink shade-grown coffee”
Nominated by the American Ornithological Society

Dr. Connor M. Wood
“From owls to ecosystems: using bioacoustics to address broad-scale conservation challenges”
Nominated by the American Ornithological Society

Dr. David Shiffman
“How shark science’s past can and should shape the future”
Nominated by the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists

Dr. Kimberly Boykin
“Bon appétit: New Diet Options for Snakes”
Nominated by the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians

Dr. Kaylee Byers
“Location, Location, Location: Rats, Real Estate, and Public Health”
Nominated by the Wildlife Disease Association

The BioOne Ambassador Award spotlights rising scholars in the biological life sciences. BioOne invited active publishing partners to nominate an early career researcher who published in their journal during 2020. Eligible authors are either graduate students or those who have completed a Ph.D. or other graduate diploma within the past five years. BioOne then invited qualified nominees to submit a 750-word, plain-language essay, answering the question, “How does your research change the world?” This prompt challenged participants to communicate the real-world impact—and reverberations—of the research they do. Each winner receives a $1,000 award and wide dissemination of their research.

BioOne is pleased to showcase this new generation of scholars. We encourage you to read their impactful work. Our hearty congratulations again to the 2021 award winners!

Please contact us with questions about the BioOne Ambassador Award.


About the BioOne Ambassador Award

Established in 2018, the BioOne Ambassador Award is given to early career scholars nominated by their publishers. It generates increased interest in recent research from rising researchers who are able to share their work with the public. Effective communication is fundamental to ensuring the use of scientific information to make informed, evidence-based decisions. Winners receive a $1,000 award and wide dissemination of their research.

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