2005 Johns Hopkins University Press Award for Best Article

The portal: Libraries and the Academy Board of Editors Awards Committee announced that “A Survey of Business Trends at BioOne Publishing Partners and its Implications for BioOne” (October 2004, Volume 4, Number 4), authored by Todd A. Carpenter, Heather Joseph, and Mary Waltham, has been awarded the 2005 Johns Hopkins University Press award for the best article featured in portal in 2004.

Selection criteria for this award included: quality of research methodology, the extent to which the article places library issues in a broader academic or higher education context, the extent to which the article makes a significant contribution to the literature or the advancement of knowledge, timeliness and the overall quality of writing. After an independent review of articles nominated by board members, “A Survey of Business Trends at BioOne Publishing Partners and its Implications for BioOne” was selected as the inaugural recipient.

The winning article analyzed results from a SPARC–sponsored survey of BioOne publishers conducted by Mary Waltham in the fall of 2003. Data were collected from both profit and not–for–profit publishers on scholarly output in terms of pages and articles produced, revenues, expenditures, profit, loss, and circulation, and compared against industry–standard benchmarks. The end result was an assessment of business practices documenting the effect of recent trends on publishers’ revenue streams and costs.

“We’re honored to receive this recognition from Johns Hopkins University Press,’ said Heather Joseph, President of BioOne and co–author of the article. “BioOne is committed to advancing the partnership between libraries and the non–profit publishing community, and sharing information on our operations is integral to our mission. “

BioOne is an innovative electronic aggregation of research in the biological, ecological and environmental sciences. It contains 81 journals from 63 publishing organizations worldwide. For more information: www.BioOne.org.

MaryWaltham.com  is a publishing consulting company offering specialist online publishing and business development expertise to international scholarly publishers and information providers to help them confront the rapid change that the networked economy poses to their business models. For more information: www.marywaltham.com.

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BioOne is an innovative nonprofit collaborative and the leading content aggregator in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. More than 150 global scientific societies and nonprofit publishing organizations include their journals in BioOne’s flagship product, BioOne Complete, for the benefit of 3,500 accessing institutions and millions of researchers worldwide. Since 2001, BioOne has returned more than 68 million USD in royalty sharing back to its participants, with a commitment to share research more broadly, equitably, and sustainably.

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