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We are the leading research aggregator in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.


Today, BioOne demonstrates the strength of nonprofit collaboration and serves a critical role in the publishing community.

We actively participate in key industry organizations and initiatives, and continually increase the value delivered to our community. Notably, in 2019 BioOne launched a mission-aligned collaboration with SPIE, another nonprofit publisher, to host BioOne Complete. This innovative alliance in service of our flagship program affords BioOne strategic advantages for the future, positions us at the forefront of content technology, and enables more careful stewardship of our resources.

BioOne continues to support sustainable scholarly communications in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. Our community has grown to include over 150 independent scholarly publishing partners, over 3,500 institutions, 40+ library consortia, and millions of researchers around the world.

Since our founding we have returned more than $63M to our community of publishing partners, and we remain committed to continuing to provide meaningful support as the economics of our industry evolve. The financial stability and editorial independence of nonprofit publishers are among our core values, and we are grateful to all that work in partnership with us to advance these goals.


BioOne’s nonprofit aggregated model empowers our society publishing partners to retain editorial and operational independence, and to make their own decisions regarding access policy and licensing models. Partners hold copyright, and with it, the critical decision to maintain a subscribed, hybrid, or open access publication.

As an organization with a core mission to increase access to critical scientific research, we fully support open access and seek to educate, enable, and facilitate our publishing partners’ sustainable moves to an OA model. In addition to offering flexible models for hybrid and transitioning titles, we are actively exploring ways that we can accelerate this shift through coordinated action.

While the decision to move to OA or not will always remain with our individual participants, it is our goal to find a compelling solution that does what BioOne does best –providing strength in the aggregate. We will continue to be transparent with our supporting library community as we explore new models in support of a more open and accessible future, and welcome your feedback and questions.

BioOne Complete is BioOne’s database of over 200 high quality, subscribed and open access titles focused in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.

For subscribing libraries, BioOne Complete offers a high-quality and cost-effective curated collection of independently-published journals. 74% of titles have Impact Factors, and more than 60% of titles are available online in the robust XML-format exclusively through BioOne Complete. For nonprofit publishing participants including societies, associations, museums, research institutions, and university presses, BioOne Complete offers a dynamic platform, cohort affiliation, and a significant annual revenue stream from aggregated sales. As of 2022, BioOne has proudly returned over $63 million to its nonprofit publishers, helping them remain financially sustainable and editorially independent.

BioOne partners with more than 40 library consortia to efficiently license BioOne Complete to the worldwide library community. We count the Greater Western Library Alliance as one of our founding members, and rely upon enduring consortia collaboration to enable the accessibility of BioOne Complete by researchers around the world. In addition, we are proud to offer gratis access to institutions in more than 80 countries in the developing world via our partnership with Research4Life.

BioOne Ambassador Award

Launched in 2018, the BioOne Ambassador Award recognizes early-career authors in BioOne Complete publications and inspires creative approaches to communicating specialized research. By making scientific research more accessible to a wide audience including funders, the general public, and scholars in related fields, these researchers encourage greater scientific literacy and aid in the broader understanding of our natural world.

Each year, BioOne publishers are invited to nominate early career researchers who have published in their journals, and nominees submit a brief response to the question, “How does your research change the world?” Each inspiring winner is supported with a $1000 cash award and broader dissemination of their work. Highlighting the importance of their research at a local or global level, past BioOne Ambassador Award winners have illuminated topics such as saving animals from climate change, managing public wetlands, and the impact of drinking shade-grown coffee on bird populations.

BioOne is honored to showcase the talent of this emerging generation of researchers, and we invite you to celebrate with us.

Please contact publishing@bioone.org with any questions.


Publishing Partners

BioOne’s publishing community includes over 150 nonprofit societies, museums, associations, and independent presses. Their specialized bioscience research adds to the diversity of scholarly communications, and shares critical field research from natural environments around the world. We are committed to maximizing access to their research and supporting their financial stability and editorial independence.

Library and Consortia Partners

BioOne collaborates with a network of more than 1,000 subscribing libraries and institutions to deliver BioOne Complete to an international audience, and realize our goal of maximizing distribution of the diverse bioscience content put forth by our publishers. We partner with more than 40 consortia to efficiently meet the needs of the library community, and proudly count the GWLA consortia as a founding member. These durable relationships are critical to the success of BioOne.


BioOne believes that the knowledge and perspective gained via dialog and collaboration is essential to advancing our mission. We are proud participants in many organizations and initiatives across the scholarly communications field, including:

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