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Volume 18, Issue 2
June 2024
Birds in flight

Dear BioOne Community,

It’s that special time of year when BioOne distributes its annual royalty sharing to our community of society and independent publishing participants. Our May distribution for the 2023 fiscal year totalled $4,869,038, or an average annual consideration of $35,802 per eligible title. Since 2001 we have proudly returned more than $73 million to our publishing partners. It is core to our mission to help maintain the financial sustainability of these participants and keep their own respective missions afloat. And importantly, this would not be possible without the continuing support of the library community, a highly invested network of global subscribers that have demonstrated their support through a 98% renewal rate to BioOne Complete.

Proudly, the good news doesn’t end there. As highlighted in this issue, we have just announced our first wave of publisher commitments to BioOne’s Subscribe to Open (S2O) pilot. While we will not finalize the participant list until the end of the year, we were delighted to have 20 titles (a full quarter of our eligible pool!) sign on early, expressing their appreciation and excitement for this new pathway to open.

Additionally, we are pleased to highlight our latest eBook partnership with the CSIRO Publishing BioSelect Collection, which will be available on the BioOne Digital Library in just a few weeks. This expansion into eBooks demonstrates our interest in diversifying the BioOne portfolio while staying true to the BioOne mission and enhancing the discoverability of critical nonprofit resources.

As I write this, the BioOne team is preparing for next week’s Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) conference where we are committee members and speakers and all-around active participants. Engaging with the broader industry at events like this is always energizing, and provides us with valuable insights and opportunities for collaboration, in order to better serve the BioOne community.

Warm regards,

Lauren Kane

Announcing Early Publisher Commitments to Subscribe to Open Pilot

BioOne is proud to announce the first wave of publishing partners to commit to our 2026 Subscribe to Open (S2O) pilot. To date, 17 titles from 11 societies, museums, and independent presses have confirmed their participation, with up to 50 more eligible to join throughout the 2024 signup year. The effort represents a significant opportunity for BioOne to more broadly and equitably provide access to critical content while ensuring a sustainable source of revenue for its independent journal publishers.

A current list of S2O pilot publishers and associated titles is available on the BioOne website and will be continuously updated with new additions throughout 2024.

In This Issue:

“We are thrilled to participate in BioOne’s S2O pilot, which achieves our Open Access aims while protecting the crucial royalties on which our society relies. We are thankful for BioOne’s foresight and the backing of the library community in helping us to increase access to this important research without compromising our financial sustainability.”


Editor in Chief
South American Journal of Herpetology

2024 BioOne Ambassador Awards Finalists

2024 BioOne Ambassador Dr. Cara Nebel © Stephen Wessels

In April, BioOne proudly announced the 2024 recipients of the BioOne Ambassador Award. Now in its seventh year, this prestigious award recognizes early-career researchers in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences who demonstrate creative approaches to science communication thereby fostering greater science literacy and aiding in the understanding of the natural world. BioOne Ambassadors are nominated by BioOne publishing partners, and each winning author will receive a $1,000 award and have their work promoted through BioOne’s multiple channels.

The 2024 honorees are:

Dr. Elis FiskDraw and Learn: A Bighorn Sheep Mystery; nominated by The Wildlife Disease Association for his research published in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases.

Dr. Carina NebelAdvancing Our Understanding of an Important Flagship Species, the Golden Eagle, by Combining Scientific Methods and Cultural Traditions; nominated by the Raptor Research Foundation for her research published in The Journal of Raptor Research.

Dr. Thalles PereiraPartnerships for the Goals: Citizens and Scientists Find and Describe a New Species; nominated by the Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History for his research published in Integrative Systematics.

Michael T. StewartAn Urban Success Story? Tracking Gray Hawks in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas; nominated by the Raptor Research Foundation for his research published in The Journal of Raptor Research.

Dr. Sarah WrightA Window Into the Marine Mammal Immune System: A One Health Connection; nominated by The Wildlife Disease Association for her research published in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases.


. With Our Community

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we’re sharing stories and experiences from our community of publishing partners, researchers, and libraries. Our first story comes from the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, who have partnered with BioOne since 2001.


“I believe it was soon after I came on board that the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians (AAZV) engaged with BioOne. It immediately started to make a difference in our organization, and over the years our partnership allowed us to rely less on membership dues to keep the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (JZWM) ‘in the black.’

The BioOne revenue share contribution continued to grow to the point where the only additional charge for the JZWM to members is when they want hard copies printed and mailed to them, and even then, it’s not a lot of money. We could not have made these advances with our journal had it not been for BioOne and your continued support for the JZWM.

For the last 12 years, AAZV has had a membership category which allows veterinarians who are from and working in developing nations to become members of AAZV for a drastically reduced fee. And that includes online access to the JZWM. There is no way we could have done that without the support of BioOne. A huge thank you goes out to you for all you do for our members and the animals they serve.”

Executive Director
American Association of Zoo Veterinarians

What has your BioOne participation meant to you, your institution, your research, or your field of study?

We’re collecting your stories to share with our community throughout the year in celebration of BioOne’s 25th anniversary. Send us a brief note or story, written or video to or through this form.

Publishing Highlights

This image represents the mycorrhizal network that serves as an intricate communication highway, enabling plants to coordinate and enhance their collective resilience in the face of environmental challenges. This makes a fitting analogy to the role BioOne Connect has in our community. By creating connections that serve mutually beneficial goals within the scholarly publishing ecosystem, we are better able to share beneficial resources while building our resilience as a community.

BioOne Connect:
A New Resource for BioOne Publishing Partners

BioOne Connect aims to meet the needs of BioOne participating publishers for access to cost-effective publishing and workflow services not otherwise provided by BioOne through the BioOne Digital Library. This new program provides BioOne publishers with access to a curated and growing list of providers who have agreed to offer services at a preferred or volume discount rate and with the needs of small, independent society publishers in mind.

Library and Community Partners

BioOne Welcomes…

We are especially proud to share that Iowa State University has been the first library to adopt the CSIRO Publishing BioSelect Collection!

The following libraries have recently adopted the ESA eBook Collection:

  • University of Catania
  • University of Kentucky

New and returning subscribers to BioOne Complete & the BioOne Complete Archive:

  • Arkansas State Library
  • Natural Environment Research Council Library Service
  • Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina
  • l’Universita di Torino

Pre-Orders Now Accepted: CSIRO Publishing BioSelect Collection

Available mid-June

We’re now accepting pre-orders for the CSIRO Publishing BioSelect Collection from BioOne eBooks, which will fully launch later this month. This collection represents years of trusted knowledge from field guides through to taxonomy, practical agricultural references as well as insights into environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity, fire and soil science. Covering unique species from Australia as well as outcomes of key research with global applications, this collection of 200+ titles will enhance the depth and breadth of any library.

Recent Topics in BioOne VISTA

March 2024 – Tourism

April 2024 – Zoonotic Diseases

May 2024 – Endangered Species

Free To Read Top & Trending Research

All articles in our April 2024 edition of Top & Trending Research are free to read through March 31, 2024, with thanks to BioOne Complete’s participating publishers.

Upcoming Article Collections

A new edition of Top & Trending Research will be released in early January, and upcoming editions of BioOne VISTA will feature topics including tourism, zoonotic diseases, and endangered species. Join our email list to get these collections in your inbox.

Visit the Article Collection Archive

Browse past editions of BioOne VISTA, Top & Trending Research, and other content collections.

Field Notes

Connecting With the Scholarly Publishing Community at SSP’s 45th Annual Meeting

Last week, the BioOne team attended the 2024 Society for Scholarly Publishing’s (SSP) 46th Annual Meeting. SSP is the premier annual event for the North American scholarly communications community; each year we glean new ideas and fuel our enthusiasm. In Boston we were treated to many sessions on AI’s growing impact, developments in Open Access, publication ethics, DEIA initiatives, and more.

Highlights of the BioOne team’s participation included Lauren Kane sharing the stage with publishers and librarians to address, “Implementing Subscribe to Open: Practical Considerations, Opportunities, and Challenges”, and Amanda Rogers moderating a session entitled “It Doesn’t Just Happen: Accountability in Organization-wide Accessibility and Disability Equity Initiatives”

In addition, many members of the team volunteer with SSP committees to strengthen the scholarly publishing community via mentorship, development, and educational initiatives. We were delighted to represent BioOne at this event and bring back to our community insights and energy that we can apply to advancing BioOne’s mission.

BioOne Partners In the News:

Echidnas caught eating the eggs of Queensland’s bum-breathing turtles in the Australian Journal of Zoology

How the solar eclipse will impact plants and animals in the Annals of the Entomological Society of America

Annual flowers are more popular with bees than scientists realized in the Journal of Economic Entomology

Parasitic Worms ‘Shot-Gunning’ Moose Brains in US in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases

A ‘striking’ creature with large spiky legs roamed what’s now Illinois 300 million years ago in the Journal of Paleontology

Wombat burrows help other critters survive after fires in the Journal of Mammalogy

What New Research Says About Animal Behavior with the Journal of Raptor Research

Upcoming Events

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