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Volume 18, Issue 1
February 2024
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Dear BioOne Community,

This year marks BioOne’s 25th anniversary. This is a significant milestone for the organization that began as a kernel of an idea, scrawled on a napkin at Teller’s Restaurant in Lawrence, Kansas. It is a testament to the dedication and foresight of countless individuals (many of whom remain involved today!) that BioOne continues to deliver on its 1999 vision for a more collaborative, equitable, and sustainable scholarly communications ecosystem.

In lieu of a single event, we intend to fill and raise our proverbial glasses throughout this anniversary year. Will you join us? While silver might be the traditional gift, we’d prefer that you honor this special community with your BioOne story. Let us know what BioOne participation has meant to you, your institution, your research, or your field of study. We look forward to sharing these stories with the community and highlighting – beyond the numbers – BioOne’s impact in advancing independent scientific research.

But first! As we honor the past we are also looking to the future, with growth initiatives like BioOne’s Subscribe to Open Pilot and the just announced expansion of our eBook program with a new collection from CSIRO Publishing. Read on in this issue for more details – and please get in touch with your questions, feedback, and ideas. We value your participation and look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Lauren Kane

Celebrating 25 Years of Community Accomplishments

Join us in celebrating 25 years of achievements that reflect our unwavering commitment to making scholarly publishing more sustainable and expanding access to scientific research.

In This Issue:


Allen Press, AIBS, the Big 12 Plus Libraries Consortium (now GWLA), The University of Kansas, and SPARC solidify their partnership and commitment to developing BioOne. BioOne is incorporated in Washington, DC as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

Publishers Receive Surplus Share

The first year BioOne is able to distribute a Surplus Share to active participants. Financial return to publishers grows to 32%. The first OA journal is added to the BioOne collection.

Access Spreads to the Developing World

The BioOne collection becomes freely available to libraries in developing nations worldwide through philanthropic partnerships.

Collection Expands

BioOne launches the BioOne.2 collection and repays every charter supporter in full.

Elementa Launches

Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, BioOne’s first open access journal, launches in response to the urgent need for publicly available research on climate change.

BioOne Complete

BioOne.1 and BioOne.2 are offered as a single collection called BioOne Complete. BioOne expands its offerings to OA journals seeking a cost-effective platform.

First Annual BioOne Ambassador Award

The BioOne Ambassador Award is launched to recognize early-career authors published in BioOne Complete journals and inspire creative approaches to communicating specialized research to the general public.

BioOne Partners with SPIE to Host BioOne Complete

BioOne engages with another nonprofit in a mission-aligned collaboration. This novel partnership migrates BioOne Complete to a new platform, resulting in technological advancements and greater cost-efficiencies.

BioOne Complete Reaches 200,000 Articles
The BioOne Complete database expands to include over 200,000 articles from over 200 subscribed and open access titles.
BioOne Launches eBooks Program and Rebrands Platform as the BioOne Digital Library

Extending its partnership with the Entomological Society of America, BioOne launches the ESA eBook Collection. To support a growing product array and host content alongside BioOne Complete, the platform is rebranded as the BioOne Digital Library.

BioOne celebrates 25 years
More than two decades since our incorporation, BioOne remains committed to meeting library, publisher, and researcher needs through a growing portfolio of products and services. Our unique business model reinvests precious library funds in scientific communication, with over $68 million returned to BioOne society publishers to date.

BioOne and CSIRO Publishing Expand Partnership With New eBook Collection

A newly curated collection of more than 200 eBooks will be available on the BioOne Digital Library in 2024 through an extension of BioOne’s partnership with CSIRO Publishing. With titles specifically selected to complement BioOne’s areas of focus, the CSIRO Publishing BioSelect Collection will share outcomes of key research with global applications. This second collection from the BioOne eBooks program demonstrates our commitment to collaboration with our publisher partners and our shared vision to find new sustainable pathways to advance the biological sciences. The CSIRO Publishing BioSelect Collection will be available for cost-effective institutional license under a one-time purchase model beginning in mid-2024.

Publishing Highlights

2024 BioOne Ambassador Awards

Now in its seventh year, the BioOne Ambassador Awards recognize early-career researchers who demonstrate creative approaches to communicating their specialized scientific research to the general public.

The 2024 BioOne Ambassadors will be announced in early April, and in the interim we invite you to explore the published research from our 2024 nominees in this special collection. All articles in our 2024 BioOne Ambassador Awards Nominee Research Collection are free to read through June 15, 2024, with thanks to our participating publishers.

Subscribe to Open Pilot

As we announced in December, BioOne will pilot a Subscribe to Open offer for up to 80 society titles in January 2026. Stay up to date with FAQs, timelines, and more at our new Subscribe to Open page.

Library and Community Partners

BioOne Welcomes…

The following libraries have been among the first to adopt the ESA eBook Collection:

  • The Nature Conservancy
  • University of Rochester

New and returning subscribers to BioOne Complete & the BioOne Complete Archive:

  • Crandall University
  • Earth Corporation
  • Max Planck Digital Library
  • The Nature Conservancy

Chelsea Tharp at SCELCapalooza

Going to SCELCapalooza? See Associate Director of Sales Chelsea Tharp present “BioOne at 25: Sustainable S2O, eBooks, and More” on Wednesday, February 28, 3:10pm – 3:50pm.

Visit BioOne at an Upcoming Conference

We’re looking forward to connecting with our community of librarians to share more information about the BioOne Complete collection and exciting news about new options available on the BioOne Digital Library. Schedule a meeting with us at one of our upcoming conferences:

  • SCELCapalooza
    February 27 – 29, 2024
  • ER&L’s 19th Annual Conference
    March 3-6, 2024
  • London Book Fair
    March 12-14, 2024
  • UKSG Annual Conference
    April 8-10, 2024

Recent Topics in BioOne VISTA

December 2023 – Food and Beverages
January 2024 – Polar Sciences
February 2024 – Dinosaurs

Free To Read Top & Trending Research

All articles in our January 2024 edition of Top & Trending Research are free to read through March 31, 2024, with thanks to BioOne Complete’s participating publishers.

Visit the Article Collection Archive

Browse past editions of BioOne VISTA, Top & Trending Research, and other content collections.

Upcoming Article Collections

A new edition of Top & Trending Research will be released in early January, and upcoming editions of BioOne VISTA will feature topics including tourism, zoonotic diseases, and endangered species. Join our email list to get these collections in your inbox.

Field Notes

SSP Webinar: Neurodiversity in the Workplace

March 13, 2024, 11am EST

BioOne Communications and Engagement Manager Amanda Rogers joins an upcoming webinar with the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP). This enlightening panel is tailored for scholarly communications professionals seeking a deeper understanding of neurodiversity and a desire to actively support their neurodivergent colleagues. The discussion will include:

  • How workplaces can implement policies and procedures for supporting colleagues
  • Understanding language and terminology
  • Lived experience examples of navigating the workplace

There is no charge to attend this webinar.

BioOne Partners In the News:

New Species of Prehistoric Cat in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

New Flying Dinosaur Skeleton Discovered on Isle of Skye in Scotland in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

Scientists Discover ‘Fascinating’ Worm That Can Replace Pesticides in the Journal of Parasitology

Newly discovered lizard species named in honor of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson in Guitar

Upcoming Events

BioOne is an innovative nonprofit collaborative and the leading content aggregator in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. More than 150 global scientific societies and nonprofit publishing organizations include their journals in BioOne’s flagship product, BioOne Complete, for the benefit of 3,500 accessing institutions and millions of researchers worldwide. Since 2001, BioOne has returned more than $68 million in royalty sharing back to its participants, with a commitment to share research more broadly, equitably, and sustainably.

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