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Welcome to the BioDigest, BioOne’s dedicated space for sharing news with and between BioOne’s publishing partners. BioOne developed the BioDigest to specifically address the needs of our publishers. Here, we will share salient news from the publishing industry, information on what BioOne is doing to innovate on behalf of its publishing partners, and will open up space for publishers to be in conversation with one another. We envision BioDigest as an informational round up and as a resource for building a stronger BioOne community.

The BioDigest has five installments per year. If you prefer not to receive BioDigest emails, please contact us at publishing@bioone.org so that we can remove you from the BioDigest list.


I. Top & Trending

We are pleased to highlight a selection of Top and Trending articles published recently in BioOne journals. This collection is promoted to our institutional subscribers and shared on social media, with the aims of encouraging readership and driving engagement with your publications. These articles represent broad cross-sections of subjects, species, and regional interests. Discover what’s Top and Trending today!

II. BioOne Internal: Publishing Resources

Publisher Forum Recordings Now Available

BioOne Publisher ForumWe host publisher forums on topics such as cultivating strong submissions pipelines, the advantages of using translation services, the effects of changing library subscription markets, and how our partnership with Research4Life supports researchers in developing countries. We’ve uploaded the recordings of these forums on our new YouTube channel under this Publisher Resources Playlist.

We encourage you to register for future publisher forums. Even if you are unable to attend, you will get a copy of the recording sent to you directly in a follow-up email. Upcoming topics include how to write for a broad audience and the power of text and data mining. Keep an eye on this space and your email communications from BioOne for news of future forums.

Updated Publisher Email

Please email publishing@bioone.org to have your information on the website updated. This is another important way for potential authors to reach you.

III. BioOne External: Publishing News

LionessesThis space is dedicated to sharing important news from the scholarly publishing ecosystem. This summer, we are looking at upcoming changes to Impact Factor (IF) calculations.

The 2020 IF to be released by Clarivate Web of Science this June will be the last calculated with the familiar formula citations in 2020 of articles published in 2018–2019 ÷ number of citable items published in 2018–2019. Starting next year, when the 2021 IFs will be released, Clarivate will use the date of online publication—not the completed issue date—as the criterion for inclusion in the formula. This means that articles published in 2021 as part of an issue in the 2022 volume will be counted toward the 2021 IF, rather than the other way around.

BioOne encourages you to keep this in mind when planning out the first and last issues of the year, especially if you have a potentially high citable article on your hands and if you are aiming to increase your impact factor.

Read more about Impact Factor changes from Clarivate and the Scholarly Kitchen.

IV. Community News

Submit News to BioDigestWe are excited to include a Community News section in BioDigest. You can share and report on your news—including events, prizes, honors, and projects—pertaining to your organization, or another biologist or organization associated with BioOne. Think of this as another way for your society to reach a broader international audience!

If you are interested in sharing community news with your fellow BioOne publishers, please submit your news to be considered for inclusion in BioDigest using the button below.C

V. Keep your eye out for...

Blue FrogBioOne is updating its Electronic Licensing Agreements (ELA) to better redect the demands of the current publishing landscape. If your journal is part of BioOne’s subscribed collection (i.e., not a fully open access journal), keep a lookout for the new ELA in your inbox from publishing@bioone.org.

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