BioOne serves more than 150 nonprofit publishers, 3,500 libraries, and millions of researchers, educators, and students around the world.


BioOne sees sustainable scholarly publishing as an inherently collaborative enterprise connecting authors, nonprofit publishers, academic institutions, research libraries, and research funders in the common goal of maximizing access to critical research.

BioOne explores economic models and strategic partnerships that balance the needs of all stakeholders, and currently demonstrates this balance by offering financially sustainable information services in the biological sciences. BioOne supports best practices that increase operational effectiveness and technological standards that integrate its content with a global network of scholarly exchange.


In 1999, a group of librarians and publishers met to discuss a growing concern in the scholarly community: online publishing in the sciences was becoming dominated by commercial interests. This shift presented a challenge both for librarians and for small to midsize society publishers. Without a viable alternative librarians faced difficult decisions amid increasing costs for content, and societies who wanted to remain independent risked being excluded from online publishing.

Later that year BioOne was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, founded by a partnership of stakeholders and supported by members of the scholarly publishing community. Next we developed BioOne Complete, our flagship product, and its supporting business model to answer the challenges our founders had identified.

Launched in 2001, the BioOne Complete aggregation provides libraries with a cost-effective collection of curated titles and publishers with a dynamic community-based platform for distribution of their journals – benefitting researchers around the world. In addition, our novel business model reinvests precious library funds with nonprofit publishers, allowing them to remain independent.



Allen Press, AIBS, the Big 12 Plus Libraries Consortium (now GWLA), The University of Kansas, and SPARC solidify their partnership and commitment to developing BioOne. BioOne is incorporated in Washington, DC as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

Publishers Receive Surplus Share

The first year BioOne is able to distribute a Surplus Share to active participants. Financial return to publishers grows to 32%. The first OA journal is added to the BioOne collection.

Access Spreads to the Developing World

The BioOne collection becomes freely available to libraries in developing nations worldwide through philanthropic partnerships.

Collection Expands

BioOne launches the BioOne.2 collection and repays every charter supporter in full.

Elementa Launches

Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, BioOne’s first open access journal, launches in response to the urgent need for publicly available research on climate change.

BioOne Complete

BioOne.1 and BioOne.2 are offered as a single collection called BioOne Complete. BioOne expands its offerings to OA journals seeking a cost-effective platform.

$35 Million Reinvested in Scientific Communication
BioOne returns $35 million in royalties to participating publishers while keeping the average per title price under $200. BioOne Complete includes more than 190 titles and nearly 1,500 subscribing institutions.
A New Partnership for Elementa and the Launch of the BioOne Career Center

Elementa moves to the University of California Press, where it will continue to grow and actively promote research on critical issues of the Anthropocene. Continuing its portfolio growth, BioOne launches the BioOne Career Center, a new trusted destination for both jobseekers and employers across a wide array of scientific fields.

First Annual BioOne Ambassador Award

The BioOne Ambassador Award launches to recognize early-career authors published in BioOne Complete journals and inspire creative approaches to communicating specialized research to the general public.

Sub Label
BioOne Partners with SPIE to Host BioOne Complete

BioOne engages with another nonprofit in a mission-aligned collaboration. This novel partnership migrates BioOne Complete to a new platform, resulting in technological advancements and greater cost-efficiencies.

Sub Label
BioOne Complete Reaches 200,000 Articles
The BioOne Complete database expands to include over 200,000 articles from over 200 subscribed and open access titles.


We are a small, nimble team committed to innovating scholarly publishing. Although we’re headquartered in Washington, DC, the majority of our staff work remotely from around the US.
Director of Sales and Community Outreach
Director of Operations and Technology
Associate Director of Sales
Publisher and Partnerships Manager
Publishing Technology Associate​
Library Services Associate​
Marketing Communications Associate

OurBoard of Directors

BioOne’s Board of Directors is comprised of librarians, university administrators, society leaders, publishing professionals, and foresighted individuals committed to improving access to scientific research. The Board of Directors supports BioOne staff’s strategic activities and monitors the direction and impact of the organization.

Alan Savitzky, Chair

Utah State University

Catherine Murray-Rust, Vice Chair & Treasurer

Georgia Tech

Joni Blake, Secretary

Greater Western Libraries Alliance (GWLA)

Raym Crow


Taran Grant

University of São Paulo

Robbie Hart

Missouri Botanical Garden

Chris Makowski

Coastal Education and Research Foundation (CERF)

Eric Nagy

Mountain Lake Biological Station, University of Virginia

Kamran Naim


A. Townsend Peterson

University of Kansas

Mira Waller

University of Virginia Library

James F. Williams, II

University of Colorado Boulder

Ans ter Woerds


We're proud of the company we keep. .

We acknowledge with gratitude the founders and charter sponsors who saw a crisis in scholarly publishing and took a risk to ameliorate it. Their original goals are at the heart of the decisions we make today.
BioOne Publishing
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