2022 Annual Report

Year In Review

From the pages of BioOne Complete, we are reminded of the importance of biodiversity to the sustainability of our global environment. The preservation of a wide array of flora, fauna, and microorganisms is critical to ensuring the delicate balance of our planet.

This seems an apt metaphor for the importance to scholarly communications of organizations like BioOne, particularly at a time when commercial consolidation is so prevalent. The continued success of independent community-driven alternatives enhances the health and sustainability not just of its immediate participants, but of the publishing ecosystem as a whole.

Since 1999, BioOne has demonstrated the power of nonprofit collaboration, and continues today to increase the value delivered to its stakeholders – libraries, publishers, authors, researchers, and funders. Over the past two-plus decades, BioOne has returned more than $68 million back to its community of publishing partners, societies, museums, research organizations, and university presses. These organizations rely on this revenue to further their missions and remain independent.

We are grateful to all individuals and organizations that continue to support BioOne in increasing its impact and furthering its own mission for a more equitable and sustainable scholarly communications enterprise. In particular, we recognize the immense and lasting contributions of our colleague Dr. Kent Holsinger, who concluded over twenty years of service as Chair of the BioOne Board of Directors in 2022.



Chair of the Board of Directors




BioOne has done what is currently considered the most necessary part of journal publishing, including the integration of various systems into the publication site. We consider it a great benefit to entrust BioOne with this work.

Yuko Nagai

Zoological Society of Japan
UniBio Press

Strategic Growth

BioOne has supported nonprofit scholarly communications since its founding in 1999. We exist for the benefit of our community, a global network of stakeholders united in a commitment to create, discover, and share research more broadly, equitably, and sustainably.


Publishing societies, museums, research institutes, and independent presses


Accessing universities, research organizations, and government agencies


Royalty-eligible hits to BioOne Complete from our community of researchers


Returned to publishing partners
since 2001


Lower price than the commercial average for biological sciences journals


Worldwide average cost per download

Our Mission

BioOne sees sustainable scholarly publishing as an inherently collaborative enterprise connecting authors, nonprofit publishers, academic institutions, research libraries, and research funders in the common goal of maximizing access to critical research.

BioOne explores economic models and strategic partnerships that balance the needs of all stakeholders, and currently demonstrates this balance by offering financially sustainable information services in the biological sciences. BioOne supports best practices that increase operational effectiveness and technological standards that integrate its content with a global network of scholarly exchange.


Since 2001, BioOne’s flagship database of subscribed and Open Access titles has grown into an essential resource for librarians and researchers across the biosciences, and it remains our primary avenue for returning sustaining revenue to our community of nonprofit publishers.



Articles available
in BioOne Complete


Of titles have
an Impact Factor


Average total
title royalty


Of revenue
returned to publishers

Titles in BioOne Complete

No Data Found

Interdisciplinary Research

  • Agriculture & Agronomy
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Geology & Paleontology
  • Ornithology
  • Veterinary Sciences
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Entomology
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Marine & Freshwater Biology
  • Plant Sciences
  • Zoology

Welcoming a New Publishing Partner

In 2022, Osmylus Scientific Publishers joined the BioOne Complete publishing community. Focused exclusively on dragonfly research, the publications Odonatologica and Notulae odonatologicae are strong complements to the aggregation’s sizable cohort of entomology journals.

“We tested BioOne as a new partner for making our journal content available on the web. And ever since, BioOne has proved as a most competent, reliable and fair partner whom we can trust. As editor and publisher I absolutely appreciate the friendly and personal contact I experience with BioOne. The clicks we were able to generate via the BioOne Complete collection have helped us to persist on safe financial grounds.”

Dr. Florian Weihrauch

Osmylus Scientific Publishers,
Odonatologica Editorial Office

BioOne Complete Archive

2022 marked the first full year in which the BioOne Complete Archive was available to the institutional library market. This new one-time purchase option was adopted by numerous libraries in order to add more than 20 years of BioOne Complete content to their holdings and enhance their permanent digital collections. While offering libraries needed financial flexibility, the BioOne Complete Archive also augmented the sustaining revenue delivered to our community of publishing partners.
A selection of journal covers from titles available in the BioOne Complete Archive. Titles shown are: Weed Technology, Waterbirds, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, The American Biology Teacher, Journal of Herpetology

“The BioOne Complete Archive was a great option for us. We were able to simplify our holdings and fill in gaps left in our collection by changing subscription models, and we find that we get good use of the BioOne backfile.”

Danica Lewis

Collections & Research Librarian for Life Sciences
North Carolina State University Libraries

Global Visibility and Access

The critical content produced by BioOne publishers reaches a broad audience of researchers and readers thanks to a global network of partnerships and distribution channels. More than 40 consortia partners help 80% of our subscribing libraries efficiently license BioOne Complete. In addition, our participation in Research4Life brings no-cost access to readers in more than 80 countries. BioOne Complete also proudly features 33 gold Open Access titles, openly available to users worldwide.


Subscribing libraries and institutions


Hits to gold OA journals


Countries accessing
BioOne Complete

Looking at our publisher report, I think the high rank of the article by Dr. Neelakshi Joshi has much to do with her winning the BioOne Ambassador Award. It’s great to see how these efforts help increase attention to articles. We really appreciate BioOne’s communication and marketing work.

Marlène Thibault, lic. phil.

Assistant Editor
Mountain Research and Development

Community Outreach


New subscribing institutions
in 2022


Conferences attended
in 2022


Publisher showcases and forums on current issues in scholarly communications

BioOne Ambassador Award


Awarded to early career researchers
since 2018

In 2022, we continued to support the work of the next generation of excellence in science communication with the fifth annual BioOne Ambassador Award. BioOne is proud to honor early career authors who best communicate to the public the impact of their specialized research which spans the full range of subjects represented by our publishing community. Each BioOne Ambassador receives a $1,000 prize, and recognition of their achievement with a dedicated BioOne Ambassador Award Winner Showcase webpage.

Engaging with BioOne Complete Content

Expanding BioOne VISTA

Now in its second year, the BioOne VISTA content collections are driving impact and engagement. In 2022 we featured more than 300 articles from over 1,400 authors, resulting in over 31,500 hits to publisher content.

New Support for Integrated Video

The BioOne Digital Library introduced integrated video to allow for enhanced research articles and a more dynamic experience for our users.

Communicating the Value of Nonprofit Collaboration

We strongly believe in the powerful potential of partnering with other mission-driven organizations. In addition to our strong alliance with our platform partner SPIE, BioOne works closely with fellow nonprofit aggregators GeoscienceWorld and Project MUSE to identify new opportunities and collaborative responses to shared challenges. We also aim to champion the benefits of such nonprofit collaborations across the broader industry.

Together with SPIE, BioOne CEO Lauren Kane authored a case study published in Learned Publishing reflecting on the first three years of our unique partnership. Kane and other members of the BioOne team were also invited speakers at the annual meetings of ALPSP, SSP, and AU Presses, as well as the Charleston Library Conference and New Directions Seminar. At these events, we were honored to speak on the power of collaboration; nonprofit business model strategies; and Open Access explorations. These are excellent opportunities to highlight BioOne’s important work, and by extension, the needs of the community that we serve.

Lauren Kane’s session at ConTech 2022 explores how content organizations are addressing future challenges with an organizational culture of collaboration, data-driven decision-making, patience, and new perspectives.

The BioOne Ambassador Award is so important because it recognizes communication as an integral part of science. By celebrating excellent science communication efforts among early career researchers, the Award is driving change not just in how science is perceived by the public but how communication skill sets are viewed by scientists.

Increased dissemination, both within and outside the science community, of articles published in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases ensures a greater benefit for wildlife heath and conservation.

Dr. Debra Bourne

Journal of Wildlife Diseases

Financial Report

2022 Total Revenue


2022 Total Publisher Consideration


2022 net sales increased by 1% to $7,940,854, led by BioOne Complete Archive sales of nearly $375K in new revenue. This strong performance helped insulate the organization from the market downturn and allowed for the continued distribution of 63% of BioOne net revenue back to participating publishers.

BioOne’s 2022 Audited Financial Statements and Form 990 are available on the BioOne resources page.

. of Net Revenue Distributed
to Publisher Partners

No Data Found

Did You Know?

BioOne is operated by just
eight full-time employees, supported by a network of strong partners

BioOne's revenue per employee (RPE) is over $1.4 million.


2022 Board of Directors

* Appointed Founding Organization representative

Kent E. Holsinger, Chair

University of Connecticut

Alan Savitzky, Vice Chair

Utah State University

Joni Blake*, Secretary

Greater Western Libraries Alliance (GWLA)

Catherine Murray-Rust, Treasurer

Georgia Institute of Technology

Raym Crow*

Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)

Taran Grant

University of São Paulo and Brazilian Society of Herpetology

Robbie Hart

Missouri Botanical Garden

Chris Makowski

Coastal Education and Research Foundation (CERF)

A. Townsend Peterson*

University of Kansas

Eric Nagy*

Mountain Lake Biological Station, University of Virginia

Mira Waller

University of Virginia Library

James F. Williams, II

University of Colorado at Boulder

2022 Staff

Lauren Kane


Beth Hutchins

Director of Operations and Technology​

Christine Orr

Director of Sales and Marketing

Chelsea Tharp

North American Sales Manager

Carol Borrmann-Begg

Publisher Development Associate (Through August 2022)

Maggie Grasseschi

Publishing Technology Associate
(From June 2022)

Cheryl Greer

Library Services Associate
(From June 2022)

Hillary Liu

Program Assistant
(Through March 2022)

Amanda Rogers

Marketing Communications Associate

BioOne is an innovative nonprofit collaborative and the leading content aggregator in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences. More than 150 global scientific societies and nonprofit publishing organizations include their journals in BioOne’s flagship product, BioOne Complete, for the benefit of 3,500 accessing institutions and millions of researchers worldwide. Since 2001, BioOne has returned more than $68 million in royalty sharing back to its participants, with a commitment to share research more broadly, equitably, and sustainably.

BioOne Publishing
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