BioOne Ambassador Award

The BioOne Ambassador Award recognizes early career authors working to communicate the importance and impact of their research to the public.

Current BioOne publishing partners nominate rising scholars contributing to their journals who,

  1. are graduate students, or are within five years of completing a graduate degree (Master's, Ph.D.) and,
  2. published an article in a BioOne Complete journal during 2018.

Nominees submit a short response to the question: What are the broader implications of your work, and how does your work impact the public at large? The winning entries engage readers by highlighting the importance of their research at a local or global level and authors receive a $1,000 cash award.

BioOne is honored to showcase the talent of the newest generation of researchers, and we invite you to celebrate with us.

2019 Ambassador Award Winners →

Ambassador Award Nomination Guidelines

Nominations are closed for 2019.

The following criteria are required for nomination:

  1. Early career researcher: graduate student or within five years of completing a graduate degree (Master's, Ph.D.).
  2. Published an influential scientific article in a BioOne Complete journal during 2018.
  3. Nomination must be made by a current BioOne publishing partner.
  4. If nominated the individual is willing to provide a short description of  how the results of their work impact the public.

See these tips for constructing a winning submission.

BioOne Ambassador Award recipients are selected on the basis of their ability to communicate the impact of their research both outside of their specific discipline and to the general public.

Qualifying nominees will be invited to submit a maximum 250 word response. Up to five individuals selected from the pool of nominees will receive a $1,000 (USD) cash award, among other benefits of this honor.

Nominations are closed.